September 2018

英文補習 補習中介 中文補習more difficul

it is made even more difficult due to language differences,thus parents have to source for additional tuition after class to boost their child’s language proficiency.Not a single Singapore Tuition Agency has existed locally to examine the credibility of its tutors or even inspect their qualifications.

In Hong Kong,big name tutors are multimillionaires,and even average celebrity tutors earn more than US $ 120,000 a year. Government teachers take home less than half that. In South Korea celebrity tutors can make more than $ 4 million per year. 


They help students succeed in math,creating a gateway to graduation and preparing them for professional careers.Picture a young,well-dressed man,who earns over $ 1 million dollars a year,owns several exotic sport’s cars,dresses in the best suits money can buy and is idolized by tens of thousands of teenagers. You might think this person is a pop star,professional athlete,or famous actor,but you probably would not expect to find out this person actually a tutor from Hong Kong. Asia is the home to an interesting phenomenon where tutors can earn over a million dollars a year and are treated like celebrities.